Ronish Baxter is a wildlife photographer and Adventure. Ronish Baxter website is about Heritage photography, Landscape Photography and Wildlife Photography. Ronish Baxter has visited top destinations and has captured the beauty of Forts, Nature, Wildlife and more.

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Ronish Baxter along with the best of the photographers around the world would agree to the fact that wildlife photography is one of the most challenging genres of photography. The subject here is dynamic which is why the photographer has to be always vigilant to capture the perfect shot.

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Ronish Baxter believes that every place in this world has a heritage attached to it inherited from hundreds of years of culture and tradition that has played a key role in shaping its future. Heritage is the range of our inherited traditions, objects, monuments and culture.

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Ronish Baxter gives credit to his parents for my first move to landscape photography when I visited Goa. This type of photography offers the chance to capture the landscape through different seasons.

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Photography - A True Passion

I had an exciting childhood since my father was a forest ranger and I got the opportunity to witness the varied and vast wildlife of India. From one place to another, though the journey was tough at times, but I found beauty in nature and came to admire the simplicity. From then on, it has been a long journey, but I, Ronish Baxter really is grateful that I got to spend my time amidst nature and wildlife. This in fact has helped to grow into a photographer with a keen eye for detail and the lust to explore this beautiful country more and more.

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