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What is photography? The answer is pretty obvious. Photography is the art or act of taking photographs. I, Ronish Baxter think that the device that is used to take photos is called a camera and photographs are the visual records created by the impressions of light on light-sensitive surfaces. Literal meaning of the word photograph is “drawing with light”. The word photograph is made of two Greek words; photo means light and graph means drawing.

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Ronish Baxter Photography

But for me it is an important medium of collecting and reserving information for the generations. History of photography is too old. It was started in 1694. Sony Corporation unveiled a camera that did not need a film named “Sony Mavica” in 1981 and it saved digital photograph on disk instead of printing it on a paper. Today, we have cameras that can click hundreds of photographs in one second. These photographs are extremely sharp, full of details and colors.

Advent of digital photography brought a massive revolution in the field of photography. It is also said that “the camera doesn’t lie”. But in the era of digital photography, digital photos can be easily manipulated using software like Photoshop. It gives rise to fake photographs.But it is possible to recognize a fake photograph from a real photograph.

Art of photography has also developed with the involvement of science of photography. Framing, angles, composition of a photograph became important now. Taking good, artistic and visually appealing photographs required an eye of an artist. A famous old saying “A picture says a thousand words”, it is true and this expresses the art of photography. It is also said that the camera doesn’t lie.

From my personal experience, photography gives me creative fulfillment. It helps me express myself artistically, and that’s a wonderful thing. Because of the photography, creativity is a major part of my life now.


~Ronish Baxter

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